Ogura Established 1928
product introduction
This lightweight and compact bender is our new standard model.
Internal parts are isolated from the processing function by a separator
plate that directs trash and iron residue to an outlet in the rear panel.

■ Dial setting for basic angle 0 to 180 degrees with sliding lever for fine control.
■ Standard accessories include each size of roller and collar.
■ Optional "foot switch" for faster control.
■ Optional "90 degrees bending collar" for small radius bending of D10 or D13 rebar.
Motor Single-Phase, 110-115V/220-230V, 50/60Hz, 1050W
Bending Speed 180 degrees bend
3.0 seconds (D25)
Max. Bending Capacity 490N/mm² (50kgf/mm²) Max.D8~D16
Max. / Min.
Bending Radius
R10~R31 (Using standard collar)
Max. Number Bars
(can be bent at one time)
D16:1 bar  D13:2 bar
D10:3 bar
Bending Angle 0-180 degrees
Weight 27.0kg
Dimensions 369mm (L)×306mm (W)×356mm (H)
Standard Accessories Roller: No.B16(φ52), No.B13(φ70), No.B10(φ88)
collar:No.B16(φ62), No.B13(φ50), No.B10(φ38)
+ - Screwdriver
Hex wrenches (8mm)
Tool box
 Options Foot switch
Bender stand
90° bending collar D10/13