Ogura Established 1928
product introduction
This high quality, compact and reliable bender features
a powerful 1430W motor.
Motor Single-Phase, 110-115V/220-230V, 50/60Hz, 1430W
Bending Speed 180 degrees bend
9.0 seconds (D25)
Max. Bending Capacity 620N/mm² (63kgf/mm²) Max.D25
Max. / Min.
Bending Radius
(Using standard collar) R20~R62.5
Max. Number Bars
(can be bent at one time)
D25:1 bar  D22: 1 bar  D19: 2 bar
D16:2 bar  D13:3 bar  D10:4 bar
Bending Angle 0-180 degrees
Weight 94.9kg
Dimensions 540mm (L)×466mm (W)×441mm (H)
Standard Accessories Roller: No.425(φ115), No.422(φ136)
No.416, No.B25
collar:No.425(φ100), No.422(φ88), No.419(φ76)
No.416(φ64), No.413(φ52), 519, 522, 525
waterproof cover, + - Screwdriver
Hex wrenches (2•8•17mm), Spanner(17×19mm)
Tool box
 Options Roller: No.410 (φ211)
Foot switch
Bender stand
90° bending collar